Conceptual studies

At R&E Modern Technology, we perform in-depth conceptual studies aimed at assessing the technical feasibility, economic viability, and operational practicality of various process options. After careful evaluation, we select the most optimized process scheme and proceed to develop it further, creating detailed Process Flow Diagrams and Heat and Material Balances for the facility. For existing systems, our studies encompass a wide range of areas, including:
  • Identifying enhancements to boost process throughput
  • Strategizing methods to enhance product purity
  • Analyzing the impacts of changes in feed composition and conditions
  • Evaluating the consequences of modifications to different operating modes
  • Conducting a variety of plant-related studies
We also engage in a comprehensive exploration of the technologies available in the market. This involves conducting techno-commercial analyses, assessing their viability, and performing sensitivity analyses. Our goal is to provide our clients with the necessary support and expertise to select the most commercially suitable technology for their specific needs. In this way, we assist our clients in making informed decisions about technology choices.
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Marvis Petroleum Limited
Construction of 500Cu.m Fuel Depot
Detailed Engineering Design, Statutory Approvals, Architectural Designs, ESIA, Procurement and Project Management including the facility’s Administration Block, Facility Canteen, Ablution Block, Gate House, Weigh Bridge House, Service Building with the associated partitioning and branding.
Location: Meru County
Project Name: Construction of 500Cu.m Fuel Depot