Detailed Engineering Design (DED)

Our versatile organization encompasses a comprehensive range of technical and administrative functions essential for the successful execution of intricate engineering projects in the oil and gas industry. The progression from FEED to Detailed Engineering is a result of the collaborative efforts of an adept engineering team, overseen by seasoned Project Managers. The Project Manager assumes the leadership role in guiding a team of capable Planning Engineers, guaranteeing that the project is engineered to meet the client’s complete satisfaction. The project team is dedicated to maintaining seamless coordination with the various discipline-specific project engineering resources and ensuring that the project requirements align with the client’s needs throughout the project’s lifecycle. This commitment is upheld through a series of regular Review Meetings, interdepartmental discussions, and essential site visits, all contributing to the accomplishment of the project’s objectives without any complications
At R&E Modern Technologies, we place great emphasis on the critical aspects of Schedule, Cost, and Quality. Our unwavering dedication is directed towards achieving the development of FEED within the stipulated time frame and in strict adherence to the client’s demands. We are fully aware of the importance of these factors and work diligently to meet these objectives.
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Marvis Petroleum Limited
Construction of 500Cu.m Fuel Depot
Detailed Engineering Design, Statutory Approvals, Architectural Designs, ESIA, Procurement and Project Management including the facility’s Administration Block, Facility Canteen, Ablution Block, Gate House, Weigh Bridge House, Service Building with the associated partitioning and branding.
Location: Meru County
Project Name: Construction of 500Cu.m Fuel Depot